Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Loose batts cause M1 mayhem

Loose batts cause M1 mayhem See News Article Below!

Loose batts cause M1 mayhem

A DRIVER who caused mayhem on the M1 at Oxenford this afternoon when his load of insulation batts came loose is being sought by police.

Police said the driver failed to stop after his unsecured load caused an accident in which a truck missed a scooter rider by millimetres and a ute caught fire after it was run over by another truck.

The drama started about 1pm when the southbound ute lost its

load of batts under the overpass at the exit 57.

''A poor scooter rider rode straight into the mess and came off,'' said sen

ior constable Gabriel Jose.

''He's fortunate he didn't get run over and killed,'' he said.

''Vehicles were trying to avoid running him over and one van ran into the back of a utility which pushed it underneath a semi trailer which then caught fire.''

One person was taken to hospital by ambulance with a broken arm while the scooter rider refused transport.

Sen-Con Jose said it was 'a total fluke' no one was killed or seriously injured.

''It could have been a lot worse than what it was,'' he said.

Police are viewing Main Roads cameras to track down the

driver whose unsecured load caused the accident.

''When we find him we will be charging him,'' said Sen-Con Jose.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Runaway trailer unhinges chaos

A RUNAWAY trailer sparked a series of incidents at the bottom of the Toowoomba Range last night.

The trailer was being towed by a Toyota Land Cruiser when it became unhinged at the bottom of the Range in the eastward-bound lanes about 7.25pm.

It came to a stop in the outside lane before three vehicles collided with it.

A Hyundai Excel Sprint, the first vehicle to collide with the trailer, and a Nissan Maxima sedan sustained the worst of the damage.

None of the occupants of the vehicles were injured. The eastward-bound lanes were closed for about 25 minutes as emergency crews cleared the scene.