Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Municipal trailer runs amuck

Municipal trailer runs amuck

Lise Beyers

A WOMAN was injured on Friday morning, when the trailer of a municipal truck came loose and smashed head-on into her vehicle.

The incident took place in Market Street, next to the Paarl Rugby Club, near the municipal depot.

The municipal truck and trailer, which was loaded with gardening equipment, was travelling in the direction of Denneburg, when the trailer broke loose.

The trailer rammed into the vehicle of Patricia Gay, who was travelling in the direction of Paarl CBD.

Gay was trapped inside her vehicle, while rescue workers battled to free her. She sustained injuries to her legs.

Gay is part of an American contingent at Monte Christo Ministries who spend a lot of time in the Paarl Valley helping move the poor and underprivileged from a life of hopelessness and survival, to stability, success, and significance.

According to eye witnesses on the scene, it was clear that the trailer had not been attached to the truck adequately and that the safety chain between the trailer and the truck was broken.

It is unclear whether it snapped or had not been attached.

A complaint of reckless driving is being investigated against the driver of the truck.

To add to the woes of the Municipality this week, a worker from the parks department was run over at the Parys Circle, while she was sweeping the street.

Patricia Jela of Phola Park, Mbekweni, was busy with a cleaning team, and while she was sweeping the side of the circle, she was hit by a truck and left with a leg injury.

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